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In a post from 2017, we discussed how it was expected that Land Title Registration would go live in 2018. Since then, several important steps have been taken toward bringing the land title registration regime to Bermuda. The Land Title Registration Amendment Act 2018 has been passed both by Parliament and the Senate and is expected to be given Royal Assent very soon. This will then enable the Land Title Registry Office to begin accepting applications for voluntary registration.

In this post, we have taken the opportunity to interview Land Title Registry Officer, Tim Stewart, to ask him all about voluntary registration, what the application procedure is, how long it is expected to take and cost, etc. See below our questions and Tim’s answers.



The Land Title Registration Amendment Bill (the “Amendment Bill”) was passed in the Bermuda House of Assembly on Friday, 24 November 2017. The Amendment Bill seeks to introduce new provisions to or amend existing sections of the principal legislation, the Land Title Registration Act 2011 (the “Act”).
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