October 2017

Agathe Holowatinc
Research for Chambers Global 2018 has finished and, in an advanced ranking announcement from this Monday, the global law firm rating agency disclosed that several MJM attorneys will be featured as "Leaders in their Field" and that MJM Limited will be ranked in the forthcoming edition of Chambers Global Guides. The "Leaders in their Field" list of names was released and we are proud to recognise the following for their achievement:

Jane Collis
Recently tabled in the House of Assembly, the Proceeds of Crime Amendment (No.3) Act 2017 (“PCA3”) will have the effect of extending regulatory reach to lay trustees. Some of you already act as a trustee for a friend or family member. Others will be asked to do so in future. The playing field is changing for lay trustees and it is important to fully understand the responsibilities of the position.