Land Title Registration Regime is Up and Running

Land Title Registration Regime is Up and Running

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Following indications given last year, the Land Title Registration regime went live on 27 August 2018 when certain triggers for compulsory registration were enacted. The triggers enacted are: (a) Conveyance on sale, (b) Granting (or the Assignment) of a Lease for a term of 21 years or more, (c) Mortgage and (d) Conveyance by Court Order.

MJM has undertaken several first time title registrations and continues to work closely with the Land Title Registry Office. We are also advising on a wide variety of matters relating to the Land Title Registration Act 2011, such as lodging cautions against first registration and filing of judgments relating to land. In addition, we are assisting clients with voluntary registration of title as discussed in our interview earlier in the year with Tim Stewart.

We continue to monitor the nuances involved with the registration process and will provide updates as the registration regime matures.