Collaborative Divorces

Collaborative Divorces

About Honor Desmond-TetlowHonor Desmond-Tetlow

Ms. Desmond-Tetlow is a senior associate in the firm’s litigation group and advises on all areas of matrimonial and family law and in general civil litigation. She is also a trained mediator and collaborative law practitioner.

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The Collaborative Law Alliance of Bermuda of which our Honor Desmond-Tetlow is Vice Chairman, is now allied with a collaboratively minded financial advisor. The Alliance is confident that this addition, together with the existence of collaborative counsellors (child experts/psychologists), will encourage the continued use of the collaborative law process in Bermuda.

Those who practice collaborative divorce law (and there are currently 4 lawyers in Bermuda who do so of whom Honor Desmond-Tetlow is one) know that it provides a far better and more cost effective way to divorce. When clients are in the throes of a break up, emotions often run high and it is easy to forget that the children of the family can feel torn, upset and caught between warring parents. The aim of the collaborative law process is to assist clients to be mindful of these repercussions, to avoid costly litigation and to reach solutions together. Ideally, it also provides a model for resolving any issues that may arise in the future.

This addition is an important step forward in continuing to improve the collaborative process in Bermuda.

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