“Faultless divorce” confirmed in Bermuda!

“Faultless divorce” confirmed in Bermuda!

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Nicole is a Senior Associate in the firm’s Matrimonial and Family Department. Having two decades of family law experience, Nicole is an expert in helping clients resolve their issues in the least stressful and most cost effective way possible.

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Faultless divorce, as explained by MJM’s Senior Associate Nicole Cavanagh in our December 2022 publication, has found its way to our shores. 

On 14th March 2023, the Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform brought into effect the Matrimonial Causes (Faultless Divorce) Amendment Act 2022 and the Matrimonial Causes Rules 2023.  This more streamline process takes the blame out of the divorce petition, allowing it to proceed on the basis of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage as the sole reason.

A less acrimonious and more cost effective divorce procedure is the intent, and we look forward to continuing to assist our clients in navigating the process as painlessly as possible. We are excited to present this new option through our offices. Stay tuned.

For more information please contact our Matrimonial and Family Law Attorneys, Tanisha Butler tbutler@mjm.bm and Nicole Cavanagh ncavanagh@mjm.bm