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On 31 March 2016, lawyers from MJM Limited attended a Student Networking Event at the Bermuda College, providing students with information and insight into a legal career. Students had the opportunity to hear from lawyers Louise Charleson and Kimberley D. Caines as well as from the firm's pupil, Tristy Smith, about the various areas of law practiced in Bermuda, the process to qualify and the benefits of pursuing a legal career. Overall, although the students' areas of study varied, they learned of the benefits of utilizing their unique skills if they were to enter the field of law as a lawyer and had the opportunity to network with us.

Louise Charleson
The Chief Justice has recently provided helpful guidance to practitioners seeking confidentiality orders in section 47 applications by handing down an ex tempore ruling in In the Matter of the BCD Trust, supporting the anonymisation and corresponding orders required to ensure that such applications are: “dealt with as private applications, where there is no obvious public interest in knowing about an internal trust administration matter.”