Bermuda Law Blog

Andrew A. Martin
In the world of cross border insolvencies, two important judgments in the Privy Council have clarified three issues which have great significance, not just for Bermuda, but all offshore jurisdictions which have insolvency provisions based on the English model, whether 1948 Companies Act or Insolvency Act 1986. The facts have been well reported and do not bear repeating here.

Jessica Kemmenoe
The United Kingdom (the “UK”) is party to many international treaty obligations but how far do these international treaty obligations extend to UK territories? This question was considered in the recent case of BEST v Minister of Home Affairs [2014] SC (Bda) 61 App (6 August 2014). Given the legal autonomy Bermuda has to the UK, this case raises an interesting legal issue.

Agathe Holowatinc
The Governor George Fergusson delivered the annual Throne Speech on November 7, laying out the Bermuda Government's plans for the upcoming year. Economic recovery will continue to be the national priority, the Government announced. This speech marked the opening of a new parliamentary year, the third under the new One Bermuda Alliance Government and the first under their new party leader and Premier Michael Dunkley.